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  Pictures of our mini vacation to the twin cities!


 My children are Leo, Nikki and William. We homeschool and are having wonderful results!

 Why homeschool?  Read this by John Taylor Gatto, author of "Dumbing Us Down"   In every study to date, homeschooling is emerging as the option with the best results. 

 It's likely the 1 to 1 teaching, and basing lessons on the children's interests and strengths rather than a lesson plan or grades.  However, each family needs to choose what's right for them.  The links and resources are collecting for everyone to use, because every family does some education at home - even if it's just homework.

 So, now on to the Anderson clan.  The news here is that baseball is starting soon.  Nikki is 3 months too young to play this year, so she'll be a bat girl and ball fetcher again.  Dad decided to join the fun, joining his work softball league - so that means twice the games.

Family Pictures
Happy Holiday! The Anderson's with the mall Santa on December 5, 1997

5 kids at a pow-wow
July 4th weekend, 1997.

Leo and Nikki  and Nikki and William

Ancestor Pictures

William Reid and Iris Hurlbut Russell on their Wedding Day 
December 1 1944

Joe and Illeane Ellis Allen on their Wedding Day 
November 6, 1944

Our Hobbies are wide ranging
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