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  There's no way that I can give you all of the pros and cons of teaching children at home on one small page.  What I can do is to state emphatically that homeschooling works best for us!

  You don't need to become a super Christian or copy everything that schools do in order to be homeschooling.  Every good family does some measure of educating their children at home.  Mom teaches their children to walk and talk and do chores, maybe even to read long before school starts.  There is no reason that education is totally in the hands of the school system. 

 These links are mostly to further that learning process.  Some are completely about and for families whose children don't attend school at all, but most of them can be used by anyone with the drive to make sure their children are active, happy, and successful.

General Help
* Jon's Homeschool Resource Page

* Karl Bunday's School Is Dead, Learn in Freedom
(the site that changed my mother's mind about my homeschooling endeavor!!!)

Michael Moy's "Homeschooling in the News" (I really look forward to these!)

Islamic Education and Muslim Home Schooling Resources page

Eclectic Homeschool

Family Unschoolers Network

Educational Standards

* Developing Educational Standards - *A Great Site* because it gives you the terminology that the evaluators look for in plans, report cards, and etc..  (site was moved, and I'm still looking for the new location)
HSLDA Home School Legal Defense Association
Heavy Legal Reading

Curricula/Unit Studies and Used Curricula (very large)
English, Science, Music, Books and Magazines

* Autism Research Institute Autism Research Institute, 4182 Adams Ave, San Diego, CA 92116

Autism Society of America

Berard Method of AIT

Option Institute - Son Rise
Parents who discovered their child was autistic at 15 months (very early) and devised a program based on their own intuitions - it is so heartwarming - I read it while in graduate school for "light reading" a way to escape my technical science classes for landscape architecture - I couldn't put it down. (contributed by Nancy B)

Treatment and Education of Autistic and related Communication Handicapped Children


Division of Extended Studies at Indiana University (Degree, University and High School information)

International Baccalaureate Organization It's directed out of Switzerland, with curriculum offices in the UK. The US/Caribbean offices are at: International Baccalaureate North America, 200 Madison Avenue, Suite 2007, New York NY 10016. 212/696-4464 Fax: 212/889-9242  email

Regents College State University of NY
  "Welcome to Regents College, the oldest college in the United States devoted exclusively to the needs of adult learners. With no residency requirement, we offer a flexible and affordable way for adults to maintain family, work, and community obligations while earning a college degree without leaving home. "


Recommended Books and Magazines

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