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Oh, and now I just broke it. Imagine gorgeous palm trees along the sides with a sunset thing going on. Meh, I'm an idiot. I figured out that the links to the pictures aren't working, but I don't see how to fix them. Doh...

I have a new project idea. Probably just a distraction, but I want to make more socks. Not just any sock, but the socks with the aura of love and warm and gorgeous. Of all of the socks that I've made, I have one perfect pair. There's a couple that aspire to "Oooooooo," but I'm not sure why I got perfect because I don't keep good notes.

So, instead of family pages, this will be for my sockie notes and relearning what I did so I can see what I did "wrong."

My BlogI thought that this would be a nice format to organize the family stuffs.


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aug 22 Sock Blog Shannon Anderson

I'm catching up on old podcasts and I'm loving the Lime and Violet. They've inspired me to consider why I just don't love the socks. The reason is that only my perfect socks are perfect. All of the rest have issues like loose heel, saggy ankle, or just sad yarn.

May 26 Begin anew Shannon Anderson

I'm just learning css and liked this page for what I'm trying to accomplish. I think that this will be a nice way to organize the personal side of the website and the conversations that I'm having with myself. Right now, I'm listening to the Terry Goodkind audiobook "The Sword of Truth."


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author How much have I already said, and typed a desciption over and over again. So, here's me and here's the new project - socks. I might also write about the digressions and when the digressions become the main game.